The Overworld Alliance and Demon Army are made up of soldiers to fight against the opposing faction. The two sides adopt their own ranking system to signify the chain of command present, as follows:

Overworld AllianceEdit

The Overworld Alliance follows a rank system similar to what exists in the real world, with some minor changes


Significance Held by
Marshal Highest rank of the Overworld Alliance, has full control of the entire Alliance Zeikron Matazar(Deceased)
General High ranking officer, in charge of most of the command within the Alliance Zaimur Matazar
Brigadier General A rank below the General rank, commands the left and right wings of the Alliance Artemis Springwell (Deserted)
Colonel A rank which allows the holder to command a battalion by himself/herself Kanon, Mysoria(K.I.A)
Lieutenant Colonel A rank held by those who assist the Colonels in commanding their battalions Unknown
Major A rank held by personels who commands a platoon within their battalion Trine Arisa
Lieutenant A rank held by personels who command sections within a platoon Vortex Fang
Sergeant A rank held by personels who command small groups of soldiers Unknown
Corporal A rank held by majority of the soldiers of the Alliance in the frontline positions Ezora, Kunichi , Generic Alliance soldiers
Private A rank held by personels who finished basic training but still lack actual battle experience or does not participate in battles Zeak(Left Service),Generic Alliance soldiers
Recruit Newly recruited soldiers of the Alliance The rest of the Alliance

Demon ArmyEdit

Unlike the Alliance, the Demon Army's rank system is rather simple

Rank Significance Held By        
Demon Lord The one who rules the Underworld, full authority on the command of everything in the Underworld The Demon Lord
Advisor Key personels who stay with the Demon Lord to provide assistance to the Demon Lord and carry out his orders Unknown
Warlord The personel in charge of the Demon Army, has full command of the Army Drakion
Captain Personels who control a large number of troops and can participate in tactics meetings with the Warlord Lillin , Myst (K.I.A), Viral
Commander Personels who take charge in leading attacks under command of Captains

Kazar (Former),

Provice (Left Service),

Saviour (K.I.A),

Hiro (Left Service)


Soldier Basic soldiers trained for warfare Kazar , Signer , Rest of the Demon Army
Renegade Characters who are allowed to act on their own, on condition they stay loyal to the cause


Alex (Left Service),

Ardin (K.I.A.),

Aly ,Ming ,

Scarlet (Defected),

Pulse (Left Service),