The cast in Demonic Blade consists of characters from different races.


The 4 races: Human(Zalfier) Demon(Slash) Monsterkin(Ming) Monster(Shadow)


Humans are residents of the Overworld. Humans live along side monsters before the demon invasion. The Overworld Alliance is made up of mainly humans, who strife to fight to protect the Overworld.


Demons are residents of the Underworld. Demons are considered a superior race and are feared by humans and monsters alike. Their battling ability is superior compared to humans and monsters and most of them have special traits to aid them in battle. However, demons are unable to cast magic and are shown to have a weakness to a jewel named Hikarium There are three main types of Demons:

  • Winged Demons are able to grow wings, due to this most Winged Demons are capable of flight. Winged Demons are the most common type of demon, making up around 75% of demons. Known example of Winged Demons include Slash , Saviour and Aegis.
  • Form Demons have a second form, which varies from demon to demon. While in this second form, Form Demons will also gain properties of the type his second form is (Example a Behemoth Form Demon would also possess the strength of a behemoth). Form Demons make up around 20% of demons. Known examples include Vertroy and Abyss.
  • Void Demons are demons with no special traits. Due to this it is very difficult to tell a Void Demon and a human apart in combat if magic or demon skills are not used. Void Demons usually have more energy for their attacks since they do not need energy to maintain their wings/second form. Void Demons are the rarest demons, making 5% of demons. Hiro and Draikon are currently the only known Void Demon in the series.


Monsters and animals are creatures that live in the Overworld with humans. Although most monsters are hostile against humans, some are shown to be friendly to humans. Due to the demon invasion, the monsters and humans formed the Overworld Alliance to repel the Demon Army.


A hybrid race which is a mix of a human and a monster. It is currently unknown how monsterkins come about. Monsterkins are unable to equip weapons, and have both features of humans and monsters. Although Monsterkins cannot equip weapons, they possess fighting ability almost similar to wielding weapons. There are 2 main types of Monsterkins

  • Melee type Monsterkins cannot use magic nor weapons, but they are powerful when fighting up close. This also cause Melee Monsterkins to be very agile to protect themselves while attacking. Ming is a type of this kind of Monsterkin
  • Magic type Monsterkins can use magic, which gives them ability to cast magic. However, they are considerably slower and less powerful in close combat than Melee Monsterkins. Due to magic being a powerful element, however, Magic Monsterkins can easily be stronger than Melee Monsterkins. Aly is a type of this kind of Monsterkin