A town somewhere near Glazelight Stronghold. It is a trade town where some of the goods are sent to aid the Alliance. It is also where the Resistance base is.

Kanal Town


Flourishing trade town




Around 4500

Notable residents

Artemis, Shivaerus, Fenrir, Hiro, Kaze, Pulse, Aquaris, Alex

Since the Alliance pushed the Demon Army towards the portal, Kanal Town has been the Alliance's source of income and resources for war. In return for safety and security of the town, Citizens of Kanal Town helped the Alliance trade for resources to aid them in their frontline battles.

The town houses a church ran by Artemis, where she gathers intelligence about the Alliance, with the help of devotees who support the Resistance. Due to this the Resistance made their base in the alley ways of the town, working in secret.

The town is currently under attack by the Demon Army, who was told the Alliance have a supply depot here